Friday, October 2, 2009

What's your hurry.....?

Hello again our faithful followers! Today's topic.....Growing Up. Follow me for a'll see where I'm going. So, as most of you know I wait tables as a side-job a few nights a week. Right around the start of school we were getting the families in with their kids after the first few days of school. In an effort to make conversation I'd inevitably ask the kids how school is going....with the typical response of "Good". After a few more probing questions they start to talk about how they can't wait to get out....or can't wait to just go to college and party....or just can't wait to get a job. So, I do the polite and nod, and walk away to get their Strawberry Lemonades and Chips/Salsa. In my mind...I want to scream "WHAT'S YOUR HURRY??"

Let's flash back several years for all of us....we all remember being in school and saying the same things...we can't wait to get out of school. Well, now that we're all out...what do we want to do?? Go Back To School? Whether it's to get a Master's Degree, finish our Bachelor's degree...or just go back to naptimes and recess....everyone that has a job realizes that it's way over-rated!! What's wrong with kids today? They seriously need a reality check.

All that being said....I find myself in that boat with our daughter, Sydney. When she was just a wee lil' baby, we couldn't wait for her to walk and talk....well, didn't know what we were in for. The only time she's not moving or speaking is when she's in her sleep....however, she seems to have inherited my "sleep-talking" gene, so really there's not much of a break. (Let me take a moment to sincerely apologize to Jenny...basically she doesn't get a break from either of us talking...Sorry baby!) Don't get me wrong....I love running around with her and listening to her stories about a princess getting chased by a horse in a car and then a dragon swooping in from nowhere. However, when I'm trying to get into a really intense episode of The Office, or So You Think You Can's just not the right time. I find that I was in such a hurry for her to grow up that I didn't appreciate the silent, motion-less baby of years ago!

To try and wrap this random entry up...those who follow me on Facebook might remember a few weeks ago when Sydney told me on the phone "Daddy, I'm having a bad day". She's 3 years bad of a day can it be?!?! I remember thinking how grown up she sounded as she told me that...and instantly I wanted to hug her and tell her to just slow down. I know she can't be a little kid forever.....but I'll do my hardest to make sure she enjoys her childhood...and even harder to make sure I enjoy it just as much!

On one final note.....I had no comments from my last entry about stories from the world of waiting I'll keep all the good stuff between myself and Jenny! Happy Friday all!!!