Friday, January 16, 2009

Sydney's Cast

Back in December, Sydney fell and fractured her right ulna and radius just below the wrist. She had to get a cast, and it's been four weeks. I never realized how much you actually use your arm until Sydney had a cast. Finding long-sleeved shirts, keeping food off of the cast, bath time, you name it.

Today, we went to the orthopedist to FINALLY get it off. (This was actually her second cast because she got the first one wet!) The nurse sawed it off and threw it in the trash, which I dug out when she left the room. After a couple of x-rays, the PA came in the room to look at them, and decided she didn't like how her radius was healing. Now Sydney has to wear a brace for TWO MORE weeks, and goes back to the doctor in four. It's never ending!!! Here are a couple of pictures of Sydney in her cast!

Watching TV with cousin Preston:

The day she got it off!!

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