Friday, February 20, 2009

New Camera!

Sorry it's been a while, but life has kept me busy and away from updating our blog! So, anyways...Troy and I decided this year that when we got our tax refund, we'd do something for ourselves and put the rest toward bills. We tossed around the idea of buying a Wii, but decided on a new camera instead! We are the proud new owners of a Nikon D60 Digital SLR and couldn't be happier! We always love the way Daniel and Julie get such great pictures of their kiddos, and we want the same for our family pictures. We're still learning the ins and outs of all the camera settings, but we have gotten some great pics just in the auto mode. Here are a few we took just goofing around...

and just for fun, here's an action shot Troy took of Hayley at her softball scrimage!

I think that's about it for now...hopefully everyone is doing well, and we'll try not to bore you with pictures until we really get the hang of our new camera!

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Andrea Pontious said...

Pictures of that precious little girl are NEVER boring. . .bring em on!